Tea Tree Oil is an all natural skin care treatment used to treat a variety of ailments

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Melaleuca oil is among the most famous and sought after antiseptic agents. It has so many powerful advantages that it plays a major role in any well-planned first aid kit.

"Aborigines used to call this the healing tree. Much folklore has developed around its properties, but it is certainly a potential germicide and fungicide and it produces no toxicity. Cuts, grazes and all manner of skin problems are said to respond."
(Rennie, Philip. Business Review Weekly, November 17th, 1989)

"University of Western Australia's microbiologist Associate Professor Tom Riley said their studies has yet to find a bacterial that was not destroyed by the topical use of the oil." (Geo Australia. March/April 1996, Vol 18 #2, p.9)

"This oil is unusual in that it is active against all three varieties of infectious organisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses." (Lawless Julia. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils. Element Book Ltd., 1995)


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