Tea Tree Oil has immense medical potential and should be a primary addition to every emergency kit.

Tea Tree Oil Exposed

 Medical Uses for Tea Tree Oil

In 1920, the properties of Tea Tree Oil were tested for the first time by Dr. A. Penfold. It was discovered that it was 12 times more potent then carbolic acid, a widely used antiseptic at the time. As a result research and testing continued on for many decades, which contributed to its increased use by the public. The medical community was amazed at the effectiveness of the oils ability to sterilize wounds and prevent infections resulted form surgery. With the introduction of penicillin in the late 1940s, the popularity of melaleuca oil began to diminish. More recently with more improved harvesting practices, as well as the growth in immunity to antibiotics, a new demand for this substance has been created and this save all natural substance is now available in a large variety of products.

When compared to iodine and hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil does not harm human tissue making it a much safer and less evasive substance. Upon application of tea tree oil germs are killed instantly and their growth is prevented for several days afterwards.

Most common antibiotics consist of simple chemical structures that germs can easily develop immunity too, however, melaleuca oil, its extremely complex chemical composition makes this immunity not only very difficult, but highly unlikely.

This all natural product has many available uses due to its vast healing potential in most skin diseases and respiratory illnesses. After treatment of melaleuca oil, improvement has been noted for acne, dandruff, burns, cold sores, wards and abrasions. Recent research also indicates a use for fighting infection in first and second degree burns while quickly healing skin tissue and preventing scarring.


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