History of the Tea Tree - now a powerful and universal medical treatment the Tea Tree also has deep roots.

Tea Tree Oil Exposed

 The History of the Tea Tree

The Tea Tree is a small tree native to areas of wet or swampy ground in New South Wales and southern Queensland in Australia. Distilled from its leaves, the oil has a pleasant nutmeg odor and is pale yellow in color.Captain Cook first made Europeans aware of the this plant after his expedition to Australia in the 18th century. The Tea Tree got its name when Cooks crew first made tea from this aromatic plant.

As the native aborigines had long before, the settlers soon discovered that the Tea Tree has many valuable uses. It was used to treat burns, cuts, insect bites, athletes foot and many other skin complaints and quickly became part of their medicinal arsenal. During World War II, munitions factories in Australia added melaleuca oil to machine grease to reduce the number of infections caused by cuts and abrasions to the workers hands.

With the introduction of penicillin in the 1940's, the use of melaleuca oil slipped away temporarily, but began making a comeback in the late 1970s. Its popularity continued to rise as the industry evolved, and today can be found in numerous products treating a wide spectrum of symptoms. This incredibly versatile substance is now available in products ranging from ointments to toothpastes. Studies have shown positive results with its effectiveness against acne, athletes foot, corns, skin and vaginal infections as well its ability to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria like staphylococcus aureus. Treatment for pets for various skin problems as well as for flea and pest control are also quite common, but the risks should be known especially when used for cats. Be sure to see the cat warning on our pets page.

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