Tea Tree Oil is an all natural skin care treatment used to treat a variety of ailments.

Tea Tree Oil Exposed

 Tea Tree Oil Exposed

Tea Tree Oil is becoming more and more popular among individuals searching for all natural solutions to everyday skin care problems. Recently its popularity has begun to rise as people begin to discover its many uses and incredible healing power. As various bacteria and viruses develop immunities to today's common anti-biotics we are returning to the healing properties of all natural products. Because of its complex chemical structure, it is extremely difficult and highly unlikely that any immunities would be developed towards this substance.

Since the 1770's when Captain Cook, as the native Australian aborigines had long before, discovered the many medicinal uses of tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), we have been using it to treat a wide variety of our ailments. Melaleuca oil was commonly used in the early 1900's but lost recognition with the introduction of penicillin and other anti-biotic's. Recently it has made a comeback treating nearly all human and animal skin care problems. From acne to flea control this versatile product is gaining more and more popularity as the world turns towards natural treatment remedies. Our site provides information regarding the uses and history of melaleuca oil and also offers an easy way to order for you own use.

Until the invention of penicillin in the late 1940's, along with many other medical uses, Melaleuca Oil was widely used to sterilize wounds and prevent infections resulted form surgery. Once penicillin became commonplace, the use of this natural product began to decline drastically. Only recently has it been re-introduced as an all natural cure for a wide range of human ailments. With more improved harvesting practices, as well as the growth in immunity to antibiotics, a new demand for this substance has been created and is now available in a large variety of products. This product does not only sooth and disinfect, it penetrates deep into the skin with its anti-inflammatory and pain killing attributes and vitamin d3.

Melaleuca Oil not only provides treatment for human conditions, it is also widely used for the treatment of pets and livestock for not only physical ailments but also as a flea and pest control. As powerful as it is however, it is also known to be extremely harmful to cats. This substance is known to be an effective deodorizer, fur detangler, and external parasite repellent and is also used to relieve hotspots, rashes, and irritations caused by flea or other insect bites as well as many other conditions. For more information regarding melaleuca oil and pets visit our pets section.

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